How to lock WhatsApp chat with fingerprint


Available on Android Beta and iOS

Soon all users will get this

In the past few months, Whatsapp has released several updates for the Android and iOS platforms, although many of these updates are limited to the beta version only. This means that users who are part of the developer beta program can take advantage of these updates. There is a feature in these updates through which you will be able to secure WhatsApp chat through fingerprint lock. This feature has become available for many Android and iPhone models.

Currently, the WhatsApp lock feature has been made available for Touch ID and Face ID, and for some Android users, the beta program has also received this update. Today we are telling you how you can make your WhatsApp chat secure.

How to lock WHATSAPP CHAT on iOS with fingerprint

  • First of all, open WhatsApp in your iPhone and you should have a 2.19.20 version number of WhatsApp.
  • Here go to the privacy section and go to the Settings option.
  • Scroll here and go to the screen lock.
  • Now if Touch ID is given in your iPhone, then it will be activated for WhatsApp. If the iPhone has a Face ID activator then it will unlock WhatsApp chat.


  • Open the WhatsApp app on your Android phone and the version number of the app should be 2.19.221.
  • Go to Account section now option.
  • Now here, scroll down to the Privacy option and go to the Fingerprint lock option.
  • Tap to enable this feature in your phone. Here you have to confirm that you want to lock or unlock WhatsApp with your phone’s fingerprint sensor.

With this feature of WhatsApp, messages can be seen in the notification window and if your phone is in someone else’s hand or if you are holding the phone in such a way that the notification can be seen on the display then these messages can be read. In iOS and Android, notification settings can be changed to overcome such a challenge.

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