MUSIC feature added to FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM stories


Has already been introduced in many countries

New feature available on v110. version of Instagram

Facebook has released Instagram music for stories in India. This feature has been launched in many countries in June 2018. Through the music feature, users can add song lyrics to photos and videos in their stories. However, Instagram has not made any announcement about the feature. This latest update is available on v110. version of Instagram.

A new feature has been added to the sticker section of the app. It has three sections, which include Popular, Moods and Genres. The popular section features super-hit songs as the name suggests.

The Moods section consists of eight different moods namely, Fun, Upbeat, Dreamy, Romantic, Bold, Mellow, Inspirational and Suspenseful. Genres section includes music like pop, hip hop, rock etc. After selecting the song, users can resize the lyrics and change the font. Users can also add music on Facebook Stories.

During F8 2019, Facebook announced that Instagram will be given a new story camera UI. Recently, the users experience has been improved and soon a new layout will be seen in the stories as well. The upcoming redesign of the Story Camera UI features new icons in Instagram’s Android app code.

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